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This is a High Quality print Paperback 

Human existence is riddled with battles of all sorts. Although the outward appearance of the battlefield has changed over the past five thousand years, the struggle for peace, love and success is just the same, both at a personal and community level.

Of all the options which were available to Shri Krishna, why did He choose war? Are there scientific explanations  of the Universe according to ancient teachings? Do Hindu scriptures concur that I am a small part of the entire universe? Can any of these information lead to my enduring happiness? Many questions are answered in this commentary of the Bhagwad Gita. The Shrimad Bhagwad Gita is an inspiring text which transcends the boundaries of nationality, ethnicity or religion. Whatever action is performed by a great man, others will follow in his footsteps. And whatever standards he sets by example all the world pursues. Chapter 3 Verse 21

This is a High Quality print Paperback 

This is collection of ancient Hindu Prayers for the general house holder, beautifully put together in both Hindi and English. This is a excellent gift for your loved ones or grandchildren as an introduction to the practice of Hindu culture.

This is a High Quality print
 Hard Cover

This book on the Vivah Samskar provides a detail step-by-step guide on how and why all the  ceremonies are performed. In brief, it includes the engagement ceremony, the Matikore and the main wedding program.

Written in both Hindi and English in an easy-to-read format, the reader will find it to be a valuable source of information for his or her handy knowledge base.

This is a High Quality print
 Hard Cover

The Antishta Sanskar or Shraad Karma is a topic on our final rights; hence everyone should read this book. It is beautifully put together in both Hindi with English transliteration and explanations, and it provides a step-by-step guide of what to do when a loved one is terminally ill until the last right is completed. It also dwells on our own situations as we ourselves prepare for the inevitable.
Many common questions on this topic are candidly answered with an open mind.

Managing an organization of any kind can be a daunting task- especially those that are nonprofits. In this book I outlined step by step how this is done easily. It is a beautiful handbook for anyone who wants to take up the challenge of managing a medium to large company or charities and nonprofit organizations alike.

Eight steps to Achieve Enduring Peace and Happiness is a beautiful pocked-size simple masterpiece which will serve well as the perfect reminder of the easy things which you can do to enjoy peace and happiness.
In this SECOND edition, I highlighted in detail the various causes of unhappiness and misery/sorrow. This will surely trigger an intuitive mechanism to help steer the reader, of any walk of life, to stay on the course success of all kinds.

When embryonic scientists became doubtful if their experiment would have become a zombie or a robot, they secretly abandoned their laboratory gadget.

Although being born completely by accident, she understood the powers bestowed upon her by birth and she build on it. In time, she became a towering personality throughout her nation and beyond. Her troubles were typical, but her determination to succeed was exemplary.

Cleverly conceived and skillfully plotted by Mohan Ramphal, this novel is a drama, humor, and success masterpiece. It’s a pleasurable read for all ages.

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