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Typical Hindu Wedding

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Sample Wedding day program (You can copy and print)

* this program flow will also help in good photography

Please note the placement of songs and Bhajans

Please copy and paste to make your own printed program


1.            Dwaar pooja        }

2.            Parchan               }           Tassaor Tassa Music at the wedding hall

3.            Janwaas              }

4.            Var Pooja             }           Assembly is organized & Ceremony begins Short pooja is done

5.            Madhuparkam    }           Short explanation with Bhajans

6.            Bride enters Mandaap  } Tassaif available as she enters, else Bhajans / Kirtans While Pooja is done

7.            Raksha Sutra     }           Explanation to audience and bride & groom

8.            Kanya Daan       }           Explanation with Bhajans or wedding songs

9.           Garland                }           Wedding songs

10.           Ghat-bandhan    }           Explanation with Bhajans

11.         Mangal Mantra or Jaya homa  } Bhajans-Kirtans

12.         Bhawaar              }           Short explanation followed by wedding songs

13.         Saptpadi              }           Explanation- audience anticipation

14.         Sil-Lochan          }           Explanation – audience anticipation

15.         Saat Vachan & Vows    Audience participation.

15.         Hirdai Sparsh     }           Explanation – audience anticipation & participation

16.         Sindur Daan       }           Explanation with Bhajans

17.         Exhange of Rings and signing of certificate                        Wedding Songs

18.         Thank you statement & speeches if any.

19.         Ashirbaad and closing prayers

20.         Gift presentations by friends and families.