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Visual Aid: Highlights of my discussion at the on Ramnavmi 2012

Unlike popular beliefs, Hindus do not worship idols. This type of pooja is called "Roop Pooja"   whereby a form is given to identify a certain name. This process of identification makes it easy for the devotee to control his/her train of thoughts.

It is very scientific in that it identifies the object with the description, hence the modern terminology "visual aid".

Having installed life into the murti, the devotee is connected in the same way he or she is connected to his parents, siblings, friends or pets. A strong bond is developed, which leads to happiness and emancipation.

Power of His Name: Highlights of my discussion at the on Ramnavmi 2012

When He walked on earth, prabhu  Ram saved hundreds of Devotees, but over the ages His name saved millions more. The Name of Ram is bigger than Ram Himself.

By the power of His name, rocks floated to form a bridge.

When we cross certain 'line" {which Laxhman Drew} as Sita did, and when we are transported inappropriately to the garden of (Rawana's) Maya, we will need Hanuman-ji to come to our assistance, and we will need to cross the "bridge" to go back to the abode Bhagwaan Rama.

The Jiva Atman and the Param Atman are truly meant to merge and be together.